Sky Settles Down in Pasture

After just one day with access to a couple acres pasture, Sky has relaxed a bit into the sounds of the outdoors. This is good. Turn up your volume before starting this next video, as the most important sounds come within the first three seconds.


Several days ago, in her previous stable, she was raising her head and prancing around at the sound of the wind in the trees. Here after just one afternoon with a grove of cottonwood trees she is accepting it and maybe even enjoying it.

Sky is not going to be a show horse or an arena horse. Her relaxing in the outdoors seems to be an all around saner way to raise a horse. Even if she were going to be a show horse, she needed this. I could hear it and see it in her today when I came to pull her off the grass. The whites around her eyes are much reduced and I see more open movement in her shoulders. She’s still hollering for me when I walk away, and I think that’s okay.