Applied Learning

Day 2 went a lot better. A whole lot. What was different? I went slow. Instead of waiting for Sky to discover the trouble in the blanket I showed it to her, and held her and reassured her the whole time. I didn’t flap it around, didn’t intentionally startle her, but rubbed it all over her chest, legs, and face. I talked to her, scolded the blanket (yes, I did). Finally when I put the blanket on her back it was no more than a cautious watch she kept as we walked around the roundpen.

Then we played with it. I put the blanket over my head and called to Sky. She walked right over, brave girl, and we chatted under the covers for awhile.

IMG_6455 (3)

I really think she was having fun. I had more fun too.

That’s all it was. The point was not to scare her but to be with her during something novel and interesting.


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